About Us

Dadconan is a service where users can accumulate points to redeem. With gifts is the Dota 2 items, or skins in Lol. There are also many other items in the game, but CSGO, Overwatch, Hero of Storm. Also gifts can be other items. As technology products, phones, computers, football, or coupons, coupons, ...


Users can accumulate points on Dadconan.com in many ways. Like daily login, share facebook, join the program dial 1 by date, by hour, refer friends, join the bonus code. Users can also participate in events to get bonus points and gifts.

At Dadconan each gift will have different forms of gift receipt. And time to receive gifts is also different. However, we would like to bring the gift to the user as soon as possible. The redeem points for each gift will have different values. And we will update regularly so that you can redeem. However, the points for redeeming will change over time, so we do not need to inform the user. Also, with different gifts, users may have to pay a shipping fee (but only special gifts will cost them). Shipping charges will also be calculated in DC


When you join Dadconan, just register and sign in. All free. Users will not have to spend any cost when joining Dadconan. Everything is free.