Collect points

DadConan is a service where people can earn points ( DC or DCoin) and exchange gift.
You can earn points( DC or DCoin) in the following ways:

1. Register Successful Get 500 DC

2. Daily Login Get 50 DC/ day
Daily Login Dadconan
3. Play Lucky Draw Get 15k DC / day

Go to: and get Lucky number

Lucky Draw

You can check who winner in List of Winner or Your profile => Lucky Draw History

Lucky Draw
4. Play Lucky Draw Once/ 2 Hours and get 3000 DC.


5. Share facebook get 10 DC / page. 

6. Invite Friends get 100 DC/ friends (Maximum 100k DC/ month) 

Send invitation code to friends. If they enter your code when registering, you will receive 500 DC

7.Use Promo Code get 500 DC. 

8. Bonus Code ( random Any time) ( Each code has a vale random from 1k DC to 100k DC )